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Media release of Rhy Art Salon Basel 2023

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Contemporary Artists
June 15 - 18, 2023
Rhypark Basel, Switzerland

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About the event:

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RHY ART SALON BASEL presents contemporary art at Rhypark. The exhibition focuses on individual artist presentations and forms a relaxed complement to the usual gallery fairs in a compact space. Current and international positions of contemporary art are presented here in a stylish way. Works by newcomers and established artists are offered, including painting, graphic art, sculpture, photography, digital art and installations.

General information
From 15 to 18 June 2023, RHY ART SALON BASEL presents contemporary art at Rhypark.
The exhibition focuses on individual artist presentations (solo- and one-person-shows) and forms a relaxed complement to the usual gallery fairs in a compact space.
Current and international positions of contemporary art are presented here in a stylish way. Works by newcomers and established artists are offered, including painting, graphic art, sculpture, photography, digital art and installations.
As an independent exhibition and sales platform, the RHY ART SALON is an attractive forum for professionals such as art dealers, consultants and curators as well as private art collectors and occasional art buyers. RHY ART is the ideal place to start or refresh your own art collection. At the exhibition, there are artworks not only for large budgets, but also for medium and small budgets.
Since its inception in 2015, artists from 25 countries have presented their works at the RHY ART SALON.
RHY ART serves communication, trade and contact with the public, and the purchase of artworks is possible. RHY ART SALON puts the artists back at the centre of the art market. With a beautiful view and in a pleasant atmosphere, artists and galleries of RHY ART take visitors on a journey of discovery.

Event location
The hall building of Rhypark Basel is a hall with lots of daylight and a large window front directly on the banks of the Rhine. The Rhine bank trail through the border triangle (Switzerland, Germany, France) runs directly along the Rhypark. From the Exhibition Square of Art Basel, a direct tram line leads to the Rhypark (tram 14 or 21, five stops to 'Novartis Campus'). There is also a direct tram line from Basel-SBB main station (tram 1 in 15 minutes). From the international EuroAirport airport, the Rhypark can be reached in 20 minutes (bus 50, then tram 1).

Basel- Cultural Capital of Switzerland.
In Basel, Swiss quality meets a multicultural population in the border region with France and Germany. This makes the city unmistakably cosmopolitan, international and innovative. With its diverse cultural scene and annual top-class events, Basel is a cultural hotspot of Switzerland. In Basel, culture is lived, made, promoted and celebrated. On a small area there is an exceptionally dense, high-quality and internationally respected offer. Nearly forty museums in the city show trend-setting fine arts from antiquity to the present day. The high-calibre special exhibitions of the Fondation Beyeler, the Museum of Art and the Museum of Antiquities are known throughout the world. The visual arts also play an important role outside the museums. Visitors are confronted with art in public spaces everywhere in the beautiful Old Town.

Rhy = Rhine.
The RHY ART SALON is named after the Alemannic name for the Rhine, because the Rhine, Basel's landmark, accounts for a major part of the quality of life that Basel offers its inhabitants and guests. The Rhypark venue also has the High Rhine (Hochrhy) in its name.

Corona also upset our exhibition plans last year. In order to combat the Corona pandemic as well as to comply with official requirements, we have developed a protection concept according to FOPH specifications and have already successfully implemented it since 2020 with extended hygiene and distance measures. Our protection concept can be flexibly adapted to the current health and legal situation and is continuously refined and updated for our events. We look forward to the coming period with confidence and motivation.
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Muelhauserstrasse 17
CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland
Tram 1/14/21, stop "Novartis Campus"
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Opening hours 2022:

  • Thursday, June 16: 15:00 - 20:00
  • Friday, June 17: 12:00 - 19:00
  • Saturday, June 18: 12:00 - 19:00
  • Sunday, June 19: 12:00 - 18:00

Entry fees:

  • Day ticket: CHF 15.00
  • Students: CHF 10.00
  • Children under 16: free
  • KulturLegi beider Basel: free
  • Free admission for VIP cardholders
  • Free entry with Swiss Museum Pass
  • Presale at

Entry rules:


  • Tram no. 1, 14 or 21 to stop "Novartis Campus"
  • Tram no. 11 to stop "Muelhauserstrasse"
  • from Central Station Basel SBB with Tram no. 1 or no. 11
  • 5 stops from from Messeplatz / Basel fairground: 6 minutes with Tram no. 14 or 21
  • from international EuroAirport in 20 minutes with Bus no. 50 to stop "Kannenfeldplatz", change to Tram no. 1
  • City-Parking (Universitaetsspital) on the 'Mittlerer Bruecke' (old town), 10 min. footpath via Rhine promenade
  • On location Rhypark, no parking is available
  • St. Johann Ferry "Ueli" to 'Kleinbasel' directly in front of the Rhypark

The Exhibitors of Rhy Art Salon Basel 2022

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Juliette Agabra
Juliette Agabra is a French artist, painter and collagist. She has developed her very own technique of collage and montage and has been successfully represented at numerous fairs and exhibitions with her impressive works. Juliette Agabra uses small brushstrokes to build complex fantasy worlds with intricate lines of tension and contrasting lighting on a wooden background. She plays with colours and textures to create effects such as depth, instability and movement. Take a journey into these fantasy worlds at the Rhy Art Salon.

Isabelle Bak
The paintings of Isabelle Bak (BAKI) all have one thing in common: they are about movement. The artist is moved by the anxiety of growing old, of the passing of time, of death. The struggle against the running of time is like swimming against the current in a river. To do this, one must muster a strength and dynamism that she finds neither in placating reason nor in religious faith. Her artistic creation is an instinctive affair that no viewer can escape.

Donegel 'Chong
Donegel 'Chong does not want to limit himself to what he creates. His artworks are biographical to varying degrees - they deal mainly with his preferences, he calls them "personal reflections of life". Chong has developed his own unique style of painting, with brushstrokes he calls "kurrrlys" or "emotional release brushstrokes". He has been using this technique continuously and with varying intensity since 2018. Chong's artworks have been exhibited in China, Germany, the UK, Italy, Norway and Switzerland. His paintings are also in private collections in Spain and Thailand.

Martyn Dukes
Martyn Dukes has explored a variety of themes in his art. At the centre of this has always been a deep fascination with colour, an intellectual curiosity for composition and a childlike delight in the properties of pigments and paint. The paintings in this exhibition are part of a long-running series based on his fascination with the dwindling industrial landscape, where buildings and spaces that once housed people and machines are now abandoned, exposed to the elements, padlocked and left to decay and rust. As a result of economic and social change, each of these places has its own history of closure, loss, stagnation and decay. Despite all this, these poignant memories also have a certain beauty and elegance. Dukes manages to translate this into perfectly balanced compositions.

Heiner Fierz
Urban Paintings - city views, city escapes, city life: Zurich-based Heiner Fierz (aka "41") has been painting plein air - in oil - for over 30 years. He mixes every shade of colour on the palette and transfers it pure onto the canvas. His paintings are clearly zoned and pleasantly colourful. They look like pastels and have the effect of watercolours. In this way, Heiner Fierz poetically depicts cityscapes, technology, construction sites and wide landscape views. His urban pictures thematise change as a silent present.

Galerie zum Harnisch shows Priska Medam and Laurence Gartel
Galerie Zum Harnisch presents exclusively limited art by Priska Medam (Basel) and introduces for the first time in Switzerland the Shashibo series designed by Laurence Gartel (New York). Laurence Gartel is considered a founder of digital art. His works are represented in important collections worldwide. Priska Medam creates space for a dynamic world of thought with multi-layered colour nuances in her elaborate glass collages in 3D effect painting. Galerie Zum Harnisch from Allschwil has been represented at art fairs and regional exhibition platforms since 2013.

Sandy Iseli
Sandy Iseli owes her inspiration to nature, her paintings are reminders to preserve our environment. Iseli's paintings reflect the beauty of nature, its colours and shapes. She invites us to linger, to consciously see and enjoy.

David Kämpfen
In a unique way, David Kämpfen shows at the Rhy Art Salon Basel how nature and man-made can harmonise with each other. With his atmospheric pictures, the artist proves that landscape painting is still alive. David Kämpfen immortalises a kind of supernatural beauty of nature in his paintings. One element that appears again and again in his paintings is water in its various forms. Like life, water can be calm and serene, but the next moment stormy and wild.

Housi Knecht
The bernese artist Housi Knecht received his artistic influences on countless trips, including to New York, Hong Kong or through Russia and Japan. In 2014 Housi Knecht and his wife Barbara M. Scheidegger took over the castle in Rubigen and created an art and culture park that can also be visited. Here they create water-light sculptures, terrace sculptures, sculptures for public spaces and wall reliefs.

Shintaro Kobayashi
The works of Shintaro Kobayashi mainly consist of paintings and photographs. In his current main series "MDF", the images are applied with graphite directly onto an plywood panel. Each picture has a spatial relationship to the others - creating a continuous image between the individual works. And sometimes one painting is mirrored by the opposite painting. In this way, the paintings show spatial relationships to each other.

Taras Loboda
Taras Loboda has mastered the play of light and shadow between realism and impressionism. Loboda's masterfully composed and executed artworks range from sensual nudes and portraits to dreamy waterscapes full of colour play. The new figurativeness predominates, even if abstractions lighten the mood in some places. Unexpected pictorial disturbances or impasto painting grounds create an extended level of observation that goes beyond the motif. Taras Loboda runs an artist's gallery in the centre of Prague.

Rita Madelaine Loewenthal
In her artistic view of landscape, Rita Madelaine Loewenthal (RML) sets the perceived eternity of the Swiss mountain landscape diametrically opposed to the signs of decay and new beginnings. In contrast to the landscape paintings of the Renaissance, Baroque or Romantic periods, which convey a real experience of nature to the viewer, the German-American artist's value-free artistic approach is not concerned with depicting an untouched natural space or a topographical portrait of the Swiss mountain world. RML's landscapes are based on Chinese ink paintings that address the cycle of decay, survival and new beginnings in nature. Gold, as a uniquely luminous material, powerfully supports the transcendence of the here and now.

Guido Lötscher
Spontaneous and at the same time reflective, Guido Lötscher develops his works with numerous layers of paint, scrapings and overlays with squeegee, palette knife and brush. The intuitive intrinsic effect in connection with the random is at the centre of his work. In the sequence of addition and subtraction with tools and paint, compositions emerge that are often reminiscent of spatial and landscape representations.

Mamuka Kapanadze
Mamuka Kapanadze is a Georgian artist and iconographer. Mamuka began as a modern expressionist painter. He plays masterfully with perspectives and colour gradients. In his landscapes and still lifes, he uses fine lines and broad brushstrokes to tell finely arranged stories that the viewer discovers anew with every glance. As he is constantly working to develop his style and techniques, Mamuka currently uses mainly mixed media and various abstract styles such as colour splashes, abstract expressionism and lyrical abstraction in his works.

Olivier Messas
For Olivier Messas, his artistic creation is a means of expressing emotions, cultural heritage, as well as his need for escape in colours, shapes and motifs. Over the years, Olivier Messas has refined his style, which ranges from figurative to abstract and is characterised by vivid colours and clean lines.

Kristine Narvida
Latvian artist Kristine Narvida paints in oil on linen. For her current art series "Look how I move", which she is presenting in Basel in June, she uses models as motifs. In her paintings, Narvida conceptually deals with the acceleration of time and the place of the human being in the present moment.

Tomomi Nishizawa
Focusing on the theme "The Way of Beauty in Our Time", Tomomi Nishizawa's works analyse current issues of social aesthetics from her own perspective. She creates subtle artworks that at first glance often seem like the usual perfect advertising images for beauty products, but on closer inspection unfold a tremendous power as an allusion to the medical-industrial reproduction of beauty ideals.

Florian Nörl
With "Textilstein", artist Florian Nörl has developed a material that redefines the boundaries of the textile medium in the visual arts. The "Textilstein" finds its place at the interaction of sculptural and pictorial engagement with the textile material. Through a special process and technique, the feel is velvety and the surface is reminiscent of "stucco lustro" from a distance. Only through touch can the viewer experience the textile material. In the series "Sedimental", Nörl makes direct references between the formal structure of his works and the geological formation process of sedimentary rock. With "'?" he addresses socially relevant issues such as human flight or the extinction of endangered non-human creatures.

Alexandre Plattet
Swiss photographer Alexandre Plattet's images straddle the line between painting and photography in terms of content and technique. In his artistic career of more than twenty years, Alexandre Plattet has participated in solo and collective exhibitions in various places around the world, and many of his photographs have also been published in international art books.

Tom Reed
Tom Reed is an English artist and illustrator. After studying Fine Art at Oxford University and the London University, he now lives and works in Zurich. His art is personal and direct, the works present themselves enthusiastically and joyfully, full of subtle stories. Tom is a figurative painter working mainly in oils. The theme of "environment" is found in many of his series. This is also the case with the remarkable landscape series in outdoor painting with motifs from Switzerland and France. Outdoor painting is a constant companion in his work. Tom Reed has written fifteen picture books. His latest book, 'Lea and Finn are Bored', was published in German by Dörlemann Verlag (Zurich) in March and was very well received by critics. His paintings have been exhibited in London and Paris, including an exhibition at the Mairie de Paris.

Jean-François Réveillard
Jean-François Réveillard (aka JfR) presents for the first time his video-installation (Videoart, digital art and 3d-print sculpture) "Love & Dance" at Rhy Art Salon Basel: "Finding hope and joy here and now in the face of what is happening in the world is difficult. Must we then watch daily as this darkness stops all life and we remain grey and despairingly negative, without a plan to share, to create and to progress? Art can bring hope, art needs joy, art shows the enthusiastic face of man against the gloomy picture that some want to see as the only way forward. Art must resist, dance and love, art is the ultimate weapon against war and ignorance, this installation is something like an answer against darkness."

Sarah Richani
Sarah Richani works with mixed media such as collage techniques, structural pastes and metal erosion, using oil, gouache or acrylic paint on canvas or cardboard. In her art, she explores themes from the fields of philosophy, psychology and society. Her painting series "Shaped by memories" is about how experiences and stories of our lives are shaped by the power of memories. For the artist, we are the product of all the fragments of large or small individual memories and everyday experiences. Her paintings show fragmented pieces of memory, each telling a different story, as if a diary had exploded on the canvas. A snapshot of floating memories, old ones that appear interwoven in a fluid process of time and space, and vivid new ones that are just forming.

Oto Rimele
The project "Berlin Portraits" by the Slovenian artist Oto Rimele makes a group of people visible in a spatial installation. The cycle consists of 13 portraits of people from Berlin. Each person is depicted with a specific combination of light and shadow, which are reflected by the thirteen vertical objects onto the wall or the surroundings. The portraits emerge as colour reflections, as light and shadow reacting to the changes in daylight or artificial light in the surroundings. They offer the viewer an image that changes slowly but steadily, warning us not to try to assemble the resulting images into a whole. The portraits do not show the external material and physiological characteristics of the person portrayed, but reflect their immaterial image, their ethical dimensions and their mental and spiritual space. The portraits show the personality of the sitter in a moving image defined by the presence and absence of light produced by a single painting object. Oto Rimele is a painter, author of spatial-acoustic ambiences, researcher of the spiritual dimensions of visual expression and sound. He has devoted most of his creative path to the exploration of painterly communication and the phenomenon of visual expression. The expansion of his painting image first led him into the realm of "painting objects", "combined painting", painting installations and the activation of atypical parts of the painting - its hidden edges and backgrounds. In this way, he creates unique painting images - "light generators" in which the frontal image gives way to the expressive power of the "edges" or " back" parts of the painting.

Irina Schönhals
Irina Schönhals learned the art of classical painting from the famous painter Alexander Shevchenko. As a teacher and lecturer for painting, she mainly dealt with multi-layered painting according to the old Dutch school. In multi-layer painting, the work on the painting is divided into several stages, which are interrupted by long pauses for the paint to dry completely. Each canvas thus becomes a captured moment of life and a reminder to preserve life on our planet. In Irina Schönhals' paintings, the flower motifs come alive and radiate light and joy. The motifs appear so realistic that the viewer feels the need to touch them.

Paul Severin
The Swiss artist Paul Severin presents large-format abstract and figurative oil paintings. Severin paints his expressive works mainly with oil paints, but also with putties, pigments and various resins. The paintings are created in different working steps, so that structure and composition emerge, but the sweeping working method remains visible. Paul Severin processes impressions from time and life in his paintings in a very colour-intensive way and creates new worlds of colour and form again and again.

Shona Art Gallery shows Peter Kananji and Mike Masedza
Shona Art Gallery (CH-Brienz) presents original sculptures by Peter Kananji and Mike Masedza.
Stone sculptures from Zimbabwe have been present on the international art scene for over 50 years and have influenced generations of artists far beyond their stylistic genre. The artistic potential of this country is impressive. However, contemporary sculptors in their economically poor country have hardly any access to the international art market. The Shona Art Gallery in Brienz offers current Shona artists a platform in Switzerland.

SHOWROOM shows Hanna Klopotowska and Frantisek Jungvirt
SHOWROOM (CH-Zurich) presents original artworks by Hanna Klopotowska and Frantisek Jungvirt.
Hanna Klopotowska's works consist mainly of Pop Art-inspired portraits of women and close-ups of faces. These show an idealised version of the contemporary woman, cleverly creating a sophisticated study of a female archetype in the 21st century. Klopotowska's trademark is the use of electrifying colours and colourful contrasts of light and dark, juxtaposing cold and warm tones. The Polish tradition of colourism is one of her creative inspirations, especially the achievements of artists for whom colour was not only a painting material but also a subject of art itself. Hanna Klopotowska's large-scale artworks depict extraordinary women who enter into bold relationships with the world.
Frantisek Jungvirt (glass designer and painter from Prague) specialises in working with glass. He designs everyday products for international studios and world-famous luxury glass brands, as well as gallery pieces or site-specific artworks, and is constantly working to perfect his unique artistic style. Strongly rooted in the most classic techniques of Czech glassmaking, Frantisek brings new perspectives and contemporary trends to his work, aiming to push the technical and visual boundaries of glassmaking.

Agnes Skipper
For Danish artist Agnes Skipper, colour is the ideal medium to express what cannot be put into words. In all its forms, colour has the unique ability to connect the real and the imagined, the felt and the seen. Her art is very graphic of strong colour combinations and clean lines. Skipper's evolution from the early abstract to the now more minimalist concrete works shows her progress in reducing the complex, often wild and chaotic world we live into its essentials. In large-scale, colourful and vibrant works, Agnes Skipper explores profound themes that provoke thought. With her nature-inspired compositions, Skipper creates a vibrant and sometimes whimsical world of colour. At the Rhy Art Salon, Agnes Skipper presents THE DAY I BECAME A BUTTERFLY series, in which she explores the theme of psychological violence. The artist finds a visual approach to the "invisible" subject, which is difficult to put into words.

Haiting Tang
Chinese artist and professor Haiting Tang has studied the art of the Han and Tang dynasties. Tang carefully arranges her paintings with seemingly random elements and traces. These move the image statement into a heightened state of consciousness.

Joss Toledo
Spanish artist Joss Toledo lives and works in Zurich. Toledo's works deal with the differences between Spanish and Swiss culture, without stereotypes always from a double perspective, both in form and content. His art plays with aesthetics, with the simplicity of Euclidean geometry of flat colours and continuous lines. But it is also symbol and purpose, embodying the will to tell the story behind the curtain. At first glance, his paintings show a canonical and regulated reality, but on closer inspection one discovers details, signs, clues and traces that reveal a multitude of hidden meanings. The artistic avant-garde of the early 20th century, geometry and the language of colour are omnipresent in his work.

SMART SHIP GALLERY shows Taeko Tsunoda
SMART SHIP GALLERY (Tokyo) presents original artworks by Taeko Tsunoda.
Japanese painter Taeko Tsunoda's paintings are both realistic and abstract and appeal to the viewer through a wide range of moods and styles. Smart Ship Gallery from Tokyo presents contemporary artists from around the world under the guiding principle that individual dignity and identity can be built and communicated through art. Smart Ship stands for the promotion of creative thinking.