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Isabelle Bak

"All my paintings have one thing in common: they are all about movement. I am moved by the fear of getting older, the passing of time, death. Fighting against the passing of time is like swimming against the current in a river. To do this, one must display a strength and dynamism that I find neither in placative reason nor in religious faith.
Already the art movement known as "Sturm und Drang" fought against the abstract superficiality of the Enlightenment. "Sturm" means storm, "Drang" means impulse, implying that the storm that dwells in our souls has nothing to do with freedom or choice, but is a deep drive that compels us to express ourselves. When I paint, I feel seized by a natural, libidinal, instinctive force that leaves me no room for manoeuvre. My creation is an instinctive affair that I cannot escape.
If this storm that rages within me and this drive that seizes me reaches the audience through the mediation of my paintings, then I will have won a little. I will be a little less afraid of time and death because this fright will be shared with everyone."


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Isabelle Bak

Isabelle Bak : Odyssée / Acrylique et charbon sur toile / 115 x 75 cm / 2019

Isabelle Bak

Isabelle Bak : Rencontres / Acrylique sur toile / 60 x 80 cm / 2019

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