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Alexandre Plattet

Nature Photography

During his artistic career of more than twenty years, the Swiss photographer Alexandre Plattet (* 1972) has participated in solo and collective exhibitions in various places around the world, such as Montreux, New York and Paris. Many of his photographs have also been published in various international art books. Alexandre Plattet's images are on the borderline between painting and photography in terms of content and technique.

« Nature photography is always for me a moment of contemplation and wonder that I try to reproduce sometimes in a completely different way through abstract photography. In my artistic research, I often use water as a creative medium, as it offers infinite possibilities to create something different from what one can usually see in reality. Each shot I take of nature is a moment of wonder, an encounter between Man and his Creator. »
Alexandre Plattet


Exhibitor presentation

Alexandre Plattet

Alexandre Plattet: Expression automnale (autumn expression) / Fine Art Abstract Nature Photography, 105 x 70 cm, 2015

Alexandre Plattet

Alexandre Plattet: Mosaïque aquatique II (aquatic mosaic II) / Fine Art Abstract Nature Photography, 105 x 70 cm, 2010

Alexandre Plattet

Alexandre Plattet: Structures aquatiques automnales (Autumn Water Structures I), photographie numérique, 105 x 70 cm, 2014

Alexandre Plattet

Alexandre Plattet: Abstrait autre I (other abstract I), photographie numérique, 70 x 105 cm, 2016

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