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Portrait Agnes Skipper Portrait Agnes Skipper

For artist Agnes Skipper, colour is the ideal medium to express what cannot be put into words. In all its forms, colour has the unique ability to connect the real and the imagined, the felt and the seen.
Skipper's evolution from the early abstract to the now more minimalist concrete works shows her progress in reducing the complex, often wild and chaotic world we live into its essentials. In large-scale, colourful, and vibrant works, Agnes Skipper explores profound themes that provoke thought. With her nature-inspired compositions, Skipper creates a vibrant and sometimes whimsical world of colour.

In the exhibition, Agnes Skipper presents the series THE DAY I BECAME A BUTTERFLY, in which she explores the theme of psychological violence. The artist finds a visual approach to the "invisible" subject, which is difficult to put into words. Layer by layer, the images are taped off and then gradually released - as if from a chrysalis to a butterfly. In this way, the difficulty of getting out of a toxic, psychologically violent relationship becomes visible. The series is divided into four sections that describe this long process as a metamorphosis: From egg (repression) to larva (awareness and escape) to pupa (self-discovery) to butterfly (liberation and unfolding).

Agnes Skipper, Danish artist, lives in Basel since 2018. Her art is very graphic with strong colour combinations and clean lines. Agnes Skipper has exhibited in Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, and Switzerland. Her paintings are popular with collectors in Canada, the USA, Finland, France, UK, and Germany and hang in Swedish government buildings and offices in the Canton of Basel-Stadt (CH). In addition to her commercial solo work as an artist, both charity work and collaborations with other artists and in other art fields are important to her.


Exhibitor presentation

Agnes Skipper

Agnes Skipper: WAS IST FREIHEIT? / Serie: Déconfinement / Acrylic Material Canvas / 130 x 130 cm / 2021

Agnes Skipper

Agnes Skipper: BUMBLEBEES / Serie: A Tribute To All The Small Things In Life / Acrylic Material Canvas / 120 x 150 cm / 2020

Agnes Skipper

Agnes Skipper: The Getaway 2 / Acryl auf Papier (gerahmt), 30 x 40cm

Agnes Skipper

Agnes Skipper: Brave / Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 160 cm, 2022

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