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Taeko Tsunoda

The Japanese painter Taeko Tsunoda was born in Tokyo and studied at Tama Art University. She is a member of the Japan Artists Federation and chairperson of the 21 Art Association.
Her paintings are both realistic and abstract and appeal to the viewer through a wide range of moods and styles. Tsunoda has won numerous exhibition awards and has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide, including Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Smart Ship Gallery was founded in Tokyo in 2011. Smart Ship presents works by contemporary artists from all over the world under the guiding principle that individual dignity and identity can be built up and communicated through art. Smart Ship stands for the promotion of creative thinking. Ship, the ship, traditionally connects not only trade but also art, culture, and the social life of Japan with the world. Smart Ship makes extraordinary creations from all over the world accessible to the public to promote cultural and social creativity with the help of a consciously living intellect.
Art should be more integrated into society, according to Smart Ship's philosophy. In all eras, art is something created by people; its significance lies in the unique human expression in which social realities are reflected. Smart Ship assumes that interest in and demand for art is rooted in elementary humanity, in the longing to understand one's own self and to fill it with life, as well as to allow subsequent generations to participate in it.


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Taeko Tsunoda

Taeko Tsunoda: MUNEODORU / India ink, mineral paint on Japanese paper, 18,5 x 34 cm, 2021

Taeko Tsunoda

Taeko Tsunoda: RUFU / India ink, mineral paint on Japanese paper, 21,5 x 34 cm, 2021

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